A Guide To Living With Non-Vegans

Vegan food blogger, Clea Grady, when she is asked ‘isn’t being vegan a bit too extreme’ has a short, sweet and to the point answer … “I don’t think it’s extreme to want to live in a way that causes the least harm to anyone or anything”.


And that is all you need, an iron-clad belief in yourself, and the need to be happy with whatever you choose. But in a more materialistic sense of living and existing together in a common space here are some things you can do:




We should always start with tiny kitten steps, and that includes clearing off a shelf or two from your refrigerator, to store only your snacks, fruits and vegetables. 


You can start by using the least used shelf if you live with a big family.  It will give you your space and also peace of mind that your food cannot be mixed up or near animal-based products.  Also, check out our wide and affordable range of plant-based ‘snackables’ here!




Sometimes, one of your family or house members, without any ill intention, may give you animal based cooked food.  You just politely say “no thank you”.  There is no harm in declining something if you decline it respectfully.  You are allowed to live by and live up to your choices of living, which should neither make you feel guilty, nor should you feel like a burden to anyone.




Many times you may feel the need, to explain to your partner, friends, family or whoever you are living with, the importance of turning to a plant-based diet or to open their eyes to the amount of animal cruelty done to get simply a jar of milk.  Please don't do this, because if it is done repeatedly, it will become a situation in which you are pressuring them to change their way of living, which is the same as them asking you to eat animal-based products.  Better to involve yourself in valuable discussions, where both parties listen and talk with mutual respect.


These are some basic things that you will need to survive in a non-vegan household.  But lastly, one of the most important things you should take away from this, is that it is both important and necessary to live in peace and harmony in a shared environment and also equally vital that your partner, friends or family are ready to meet you half-way, to establish this.

And if by reading this you have decided to move on with your first steps towards creating a healthy Vegan environment, we are here to help you! 

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Blog written by Marketing Hughes

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