Brisbane’s Best Vegan Gift Hampers!

Do you ever think, how does one fit all the nutritiousness and wholeness of a vegan gift into a small basket? A gift of plenty, like a cornucopia?

Or even if you are at a loss of what things to fill it with? Worry not! We have got your back.

Now, if we are to make an ultimate checklist of what to put in a gift hamper, this is how we would go about it:

  1. A pleasing, handy basket; obviously
  2. With affordable, and good quality vegan products
  3. Attractive packaging

And voila!  You have a perfect pleasing hamper in your hand. But is this where our worries end? No, this is where the actual, hands-on work starts. Let us begin with the most asked, and wondered about, question…

“Should I make them myself, or should I buy them? If I buy them, where should I buy them from?” This is what comes to our minds. Tracking down vegan food a few years ago was extremely difficult and time consuming, but the changing times with retailers and entrepreneurs trying to keep pace with it, Brisbane has become vegan friendly through and through. So instead of scouring online for DIY hampers, and scrolling through Instagram, we will list some really good and healthy alternatives to the mainstream shops, and have these delivered to your doorstep as well!

Vegan Hampers with Plant Based Hamper Co.

Being vegan definitely does not mean boring. It means that you continue to take an ethical stance whilst continuing to enjoy lip-smacking delicacies. Especially when it comes to gifting (or just indulging on your own) - Plant Based Hamper Co. provides a wide range of options for every occasion.

Sweet; but vegan and conscious is what is channeled by our Simply Sweet Hamper. What is an added benefit? It's gluten-free as well! Be sure to send this out with an even sweeter customised message for your loved one.

Come and party the vegan way with the Celebration Hamper. Celebrate anniversaries, promotions, exciting news or just eat it all by yourself (trust me, you will not want to share this one). This gluten-free package includes your choice of Just a Glass wine, Vanilla Fudge by Fabulous Free From Factory, Mexican Chilli Dukkah by Spice Gurlz, and chosen chocolates from KM Foods.

 Self-care is one of the most essential forms of love. Refreshing yourself from time to time makes you feel energised and ready to take on the world, as usual. This calls for something small but luxurious. Presenting you the Time Out Hamper, for the epitome of relaxation with a customised branded gift card and a message. Perfect for a much needed ‘me time’ or an even better girls night detox; this hamper brings you the Radically Rejuvenating Sheet Mask, 24K Goddess Gold Eye Mask, Botanical Bath Soak and of course, your choice of Just a Glass wine.

We saved you the best for the last, with the TGIF Hamper for an impromptu, vegan and gluten-free celebration. It includes: 

Now don’t think that this is the end; find more indulgent vegan goodies with Plant Based Hamper Co. (For every mood and occasion). Here we have given you a wide assortment of options to choose from so get on the wagon and start choosing beautiful cruelty-free vegan gifts for yourself and your loved ones!


Blog written by Marketing Hughes.

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