Let’s Talk about Recycling!

Plant Based Hamper Co & Recycling. 

At Plant Based Hamper Co, we are passionate about recycling and reuse! We are exceedingly intentional about caring for our planet, practising environmental sustainability, and reducing our footprint on the earth. Thus, we live and breathe the vegan lifestyle. 

We also believe in the power of love. We recognize the love that our customers have for their dear ones, and so we create vegan gift hampers that you can give to the ones you love to show them that you care deeply for them. We recognize the need to show love to our planet too; that’s why we stay environmentally conscious with how we package our goods.  

And that’s why there’s at least one way to reuse or recycle each of the items that we use in our hamper packaging. So, when you get a vegan gift hamper from us, here is a breakdown of how to reuse and/or recycle your hamper packaging: 

  1. The shipping box: With your shipping box, you have 2 options. You could either break it up and place it in your recycle bin or keep it for use as a storage box or a shipping box in the future.
  2. The hamper box: You can reuse your hamper box as a gift box, storage box, or break it up and place it in your recycle bin (Don’t forget to remove the magnet first!).
  3. Wood wool: Being a natural packaging material, wood wool is biodegradable, recyclable, and 100% sustainable. With the wood wool from your hamper, you have the options to place it in your compost bin, use it for gardening purposes with both indoor and outdoor plants, keep the wood wool for when you need to ship breakables, or get crafty and use it to make Christmas or Easter baskets!
  4. The bubble wrap: Fun fact- Any bubble wrap that you find in your hamper has already been sustainably reused. How? We receive the lovely vegan goodies for our gift hampers already encased in bubble wrap when shipped from our suppliers. So we simply reuse the same bubble wrap in our own packaging!
  1. The hamper belly band & card: These can be recycled in your recycle bin.

You can continue the sustainable reuse train by storing away the bubble wrap for reuse when shipping your breakables. Alternately, Woolworths and Coles run plastic recycling programs (the program run by Coles is called REDcycle). So you can also recycle your bubble wrap by taking it to your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket. 

In practising environmental sustainability, we don’t just focus on the amazing vegan products inside our hampers. We also pay special attention to our packaging so that our hampers are environmentally friendly through and through. 

Finally, at Plant Based Hamper Co, we are 100% open to any suggestions from the general public on how we can be even more environmentally friendly and sustainable with our packaging, reuse, and recycling. So please feel free to reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions. Thank you! 

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