Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Here's everything you need to know to choose the best gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day.


This Mother's Day, you'll be able to tell your Mum exactly how much she means to you with the help of Plant Based Hamper Co, plus we give you some other easy suggestions as well.

1. Celebration Hamper

Plant Based Hamper Co brings you the perfect gift hamper for this special occasion!

The Celebration Hamper consists of vegan chocolates, wine, vanilla fudge and mexican chilli dukkah  all the things needed for a complete celebration! If you want to celebrate your Mum, this is the hamper to wow her!

2. A Lunch Date

There’s just something incredibly heartwarming about lunch dates, especially with Mums.

So, instead of buying a gift what you can do is go out with her. Pick her favourite restaurant, ask her to dress nice, and spend some quality time with her.

Giving someone your time is the best way of telling them that “you mean something to me," and if you're not the expressive type, this is your chance to shine!

3. Pamper Hamper

The idea of pampering and Mums don't usually go in the same sentence because it's always the other way round. Mums pamper everyone & everything  around them all the time without asking for anything in return. Don't you think pampering your Mum will be a great Mother’s Day gift? I feel so too!

The Pamper Hamper comprises a scented soy candle, body polish, body wash, clay mask, bath oil, bath soap, detox tea and a adult's mandala coloring book – possibly everything one needs to pamper themselves.

4. Relax & Rejuvenate Hamper

How about giving your Mum a break this Mother’s Day?

Like all of us, Mums also need some time off to relax and rejuvenate their souls. It’s only normal for her to take a break. So, you can surprise her with the Relax & Rejuvenate Hamper on this special occasion to uplift her soul!

This Relax & Rejuvinate Hamper includes bath soaks, wine, mini diffuser, body oil, clay mask, sheet masks, and body polish.

Doesn’t it sound super-relaxing and comforting to you!? If it does, then go ahead and suprise Mum with this treat.

5. Bracelets & Anklets

Women love, love, love jewellery!

Another way to treat your Mum on this joyous occasion is to gift her jewellery.

Jewellery items like delicate bracelets and beautiful anklets make a fantastic gift. And since mothers usually do not prefer heavy jewellery, smaller jewellery items can create the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

6. The Vegan Starter Hamper

If your mum is trying veganism for the first time this year – how about the Vegan Starter Hamper?

This Vegan Hamper has everything for your newly converted vegan, or anyone who just wants to give veganism a try! Let us assure you that she will love it! This hamper has it all from an egg replacer, mac & cheese, bacon seasoning, chocolate, nut milk and nutritional yeast!

Whatever you decide to spoil you Mum with this Mother's Day we hope you have a wonderful day together.


Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

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