The Plant Based Hamper Co Backstory

Hey there! This is Steph, and if you didn’t know, I’m the proud founder and owner of Plant Based Hamper Co. 

In this post, I want to provide some inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially those who are Vegan just like myself. To do this, I’ll be telling the backstory of Plant Based Hamper Co. and using my experience as a vegan small business owner to teach you some exceedingly valuable lessons about starting your own business. 

Honestly, I was one of the few small business first-timers who was blessed enough to have had so much help and mentorship from the people around me when I started. So now, it’s my turn to help you by sharing some gems of my own. Without further ado, here is the Plant-Based Hamper Co Backstory. 

Why I Started Plant-Based Hamper Co. 

I’ve been Vegan for 11 years. Before that, I was a vegetarian for 3 years until my immense love for animals spurred me to make the switch to Veganism. 

Now, long before I even chose the wonderful Vegan life, I’ve always known that I wanted to start a business of my own. It has always been a big dream of mine and I knew that once I had the right business idea for me, I’d pour all my passion and soul into it. 

Unfortunately, while I knew I wanted to start a business, I had no clue what kind of business it would be. So I ended up spending about a year brainstorming and going through every vegan business idea under the sun. I loved all the ideas I came across, I really did. But sadly, none of them felt just right. None of them really lit my fire and I knew that I needed the one. 

Fortunately, all that changed when one day, I was shopping for a gift hamper for my friend. After browsing through different websites, it occurred to me that there was a general lack of vegan options. Bingo! The light bulb went off and I knew that was what I wanted to do with my business. 

Vegan gift hampers were the perfect business idea for me because they combined all the other ideas I’d loved but passed on in my search— skincare, food, fragrances, candles, and so on. The idea also aligned perfectly with my passion for helping people. In this case, I’d be helping them choose vegan gifts that vegans like myself would absolutely love! 

Behind the Plant-Based Scenes + Tips for starting your own small business. 

Fun fact: Plant Based Hamper Co. would’ve been “Plant Based Food Co.” or something along that line because I initially wanted to start a vegan meal delivery service. Like Youfoodz but making it vegan. 

However, there was already an industry for that, so I wasn’t going to be filling any gaps in the food industry or bringing anything particularly new to the table. Obviously, I had to let that idea go and return to the drawing board. 

Tip 1: The easiest way to create a successful business is to find a gap in the market of your choice and fill it. The lack of vegan gift hampers was the perfect gap that I could fill, hence why I chose it over any other business idea. 

Another reason I backed away from the vegan meal delivery idea was that I’d never worked in the food industry and had no clue about the legislation surrounding it. Therefore, the venture would’ve been too much of a risk for my first business. 

Tip 2: For your first business, I’d advise sticking with something that you have, at least, some experience with. 

Before starting my own business, I worked in the beauty therapy industry for 12 years, doing hands-on treatments for 7 of those years. Then I worked in the management of some big beauty businesses for the last 5 years of my career. 

Those years honed my strong business mindset and gave me a ton of training and experience that I still fall back on today. This is what made me confident that I could run a successful business of my own. 

Tip 3: You may not have years of experience like me, but it is important to learn and build business skills if you want to be a phenomenal business owner. You could equally achieve this by taking courses, seeking mentorship, apprenticeship, etc. 

Plant Based Hamper Co. aligns perfectly with so many of my passions. When giving gifts to a person, you always want it to be a good surprise that you’re sure they’ll be happy with. But when your tastes and lifestyle are much different from the person’s, finding the perfect gifts for them can be pretty hard. 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m passionate about helping people. Hence, I decided to ease this sort of dilemma by helping people choose the perfect gifts for vegans, whether they are vegan themselves or not. 

Tip 4: Do what you love. It always pays in the end. 

Even after I decided to start my first business with vegan gift hampers, I spent the next 3 to 4 months conducting hardcore research to make amazing product selections with excellent quality and ensure everything was set for the birth of Plant Based Hamper Co. I’ve personally taste-tested the products in my hampers a lot of times, and I’ve also tested them with friends and family too. 

Tip 5: Adequate research is vital to the success of any business. Good research will arm you with just about everything you need to achieve your business goals. It will also open your eyes to see where there is room for improvement. 

Where Do I See Plant Based Hamper Co. Going? 

My vision for Plant Based Hamper Co. is limitless. There are so many ideas for new hampers, ways we can improve, and new things we can bring to the Vegan Gifts space as well. 

The main thing I want you to learn here is that when you start your business, you must continuously nurture and build it for it to stay successful. Plant Based Hamper Co. is my passion come to life, and so with this little peep “Behind the Scenes”, I hope I’ve been able to teach you some significant lessons from my beautiful plant-based experience. 


  • Such important tips when starting a business! You are an inspiration- you’ve created something so special ❤️

  • Such important advice for starting a business. You are an inspiration ❤️


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