Vegan Protein FAQ

As a vegan, you’re not likely to suffer from a protein deficiency if your diet contains a balance of fruits, vegetables, and high-protein snacks. Starting on a journey of conscious eating can be daunting and challenging at first, but we’re here to answer your most pressing questions:


Is vegan protein powder effective?

Yes! Protein powders contain a high concentration of protein from several plant-based sources. Animals consume protein-rich plants, so why should that stop us from benefiting from nature, too?  


Which vegan foods are high in protein? 

If you’re confused about what are the top 3 sources of plant-based protein, the answer is seitan, soy-based foods, and lentils. And while there’s a lot of emphasis on getting your protein intake just right, remember that you just need to eat the right foods to be healthy and strong.  


How can vegans get 50g protein a day? 

Besides enjoying our much-loved snacks that pack the perfect protein punch, make sure your diet contains a healthy serving of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beans. 


If you’re wondering what is the best vegan protein for building muscle, any natural protein-rich foods will do the trick. You can also explore these high protein vegan recipes to help you create well-balanced meals in a day. 


Plant Based Hamper Co makes it easy to get your daily dose of protein through simple, tasty snacks that you’re sure to love! 


Blog written by: Keren Dinkin

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