Top 5 Vegan Gift Hampers to Get Your Someone Special Today

Vegan is the new black. Just like the color, it has always been in existence but has only just begun to pique the interest of millions, and several people have been compelled to hop on the bandwagon!

So why a vegan gift hamper?  

Not only are they approved by vegan celebrities like Ariana Grande, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruby Rose, and Sia, but there’s also a whole world of significance that lies in gifting someone you hold dear a lovely vegan hamper:  

  1. Getting someone a vegan gift hamper will let them know that you have the best interests for their health and general wellbeing at heart.  
  2. Is your loved one an animal lover? Do they own a pet? Or are they full-out vegan? There would not be a more thoughtful gift for them than one that takes into consideration something that they hold close to their hearts.  
  3. A vegan hamper can open up the conversation about living greener and more gratifying lives between you and your loved one(s).  
  4. The items in vegan gift hampers are sourced from plant-based raw products which are healthier, more sustainable sources of food, and products that put very little to zero strain on the ecosystem to obtain.  

So now that you know why a vegan gift hamper is one of the greatest gifts, here are the top five (5) 100% vegan gift hampers you can get for someone to let them know that you love them.  


  1. The Vegan Starter Hamper.  

Have you just introduced your friend or sibling to veganism and are looking for a way to show them the appeal of vegan life? This is the perfect starter kit with all the essentials in it to keep their eye on the beauty of the vegan lifestyle.  

Ruby Rose has admitted to being rather partial to Vego chocolate which is one of the components of this hamper. Others include Mac and Cheese, Nut Mylk Mix, and Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate—because nothing stimulates dietary captivation like a sweet tooth!  

  1. The Snack Pack Hamper.  

Ever heard the saying, “I’m not a snack, I’m the whole hamper”?  

Well, the Snack Pack hamper consists of little bites and sweet treats—all 100% vegan!—making the perfect gift to anyone who you wish to let know that they’re a priceless part of your life. Or you can even just purchase the Snack Pack to stock up on some vegan chow that won’t necessarily constitute meals, but that you can have between meals, while you watch a movie, use to entertain a guest, or take anywhere with you so that you can have some Vegan Milk Chocolate or a Choc Chip Bickie to snack on whenever you want.

  1. The Pamper Hamper.  

Everyone needs a little spoiling once in a while. The Pamper Hamper is a collection of items geared towards body care and relaxation, and is the loveliest way to gift someone you adore with a little taste of luxury and a healthy dose of TLC. With a Pink Coconut Bath Bomb for a pretty and relaxing soak in the tub to a Vanilla Caramel or Lime & Coconut soy candle to burn and diffuse good-energy scents into your space and with many other little self-care luxuries, this hamper makes an absolutely glamorous self-love kit that everyone should have for when they need to de-stress and unwind.

  1. The Plant Powered Protein Hamper.  

This hamper is a crowd favorite and one of the best vegan gift hampers because it’s crammed full with healthy, yummy delights for you or someone that you feel would love them. One thing that makes so many people partial towards this hamper is that its food contents are suitable for most people looking to refine their diets to achieve certain body and fitness goals. The foods are healthy and delicious—two things people taking on new diets need to help keep them committed to their dietary lifestyle changes.


  1. The Treat Yourself Hamper.  

Don’t forget that you are someone special too. The Treat Yourself Hamper is a divine reaffirmation of that fact because you are the number 1 person in your life that deserves the best. Treat yourself or someone you cherish with this hamper as a tangible reminder of this golden fact. It also makes the perfect mother’s day gift, birthday present, or just a nice little gift to yourself because you truly are wonderful—never forget that.  

All of these hampers can be purchased from Plant Based Hamper Co. Each Hamper comes with a custom branded gift card for your personalized messages and all new customers get $10 off their first order with affordable Australia-wide shipping! 


Blog written by: Writor

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