Top 5 Vegan Protein Products

Does turning vegan sound easier said than done? We’re here to tell you that it’s easy to be vegan! Yes, you read that right. While it may not have been the easiest feat several years ago, the options that are readily available today make transitioning to veganism a walk in the park. 

Being vegan has its perks, such as not contributing to animal cruelty and making better food choices for ourselves and the planet. However, many people will raise the classic question, “Are you getting enough protein?” 

We’re here to tell you that you can get your daily fill of protein from nature’s bounty without missing out on your favorite foods. At Plant Based Hamper Co, we source only the best products in the market to help transitioning those becoming vegans and seasoned vegans. We make it easy for fitness enthusiasts, newly turned vegans, and workout newbies to find the best protein-rich snacks that taste absolutely delicious!  Here’s a list: 

Salted Caramel Protein Ball 

Looking for an ideal post-workout snack? This creamy, nutty protein ball is made with cashew nuts and coconut for the perfect protein punch. Craving something salty? A hint of Mediterranean salt gives these protein balls a lovely savory finish! 


Almond Protein Pancake Baking Mix 

Made with the goodness of almonds with hints of cinnamon and coconut, this baking mix lets you whip up a yummy batch of pancakes in no time. It contains a generous helping of protein (20gms per serving) to fuel your post-workout needs or breakfast cravings. 


Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix 

Craving vegan-friendly cookies but don’t know where to find them? This cookie mix will satiate your sweet tooth cravings with the goodness of chocolate and cinnamon. Not only is this cookie mix powered by plant protein, it is also a gut-friendly alternative for gluten-sensitive vegans. 


Choc Chip Bickie 

Free of gluten and palm oil, this cookie will spark your tastebuds with chocolatey delight. Craving for a midday snack? Simply reach for one of these crumbly goodies for a satisfying treat. 


Texas BBQ Jerky 

Who needs bacon when you can enjoy plant-powered BBQ jerky! It’s fortified with B12, iron, and fibre to give you a healthy mix of essential nutrients in every serving. You get all of that smoky goodness without the nitrates and preservatives. 


Plant-Powered Protein Hamper 

Treat yourself to some of our best-selling protein products, or surprise someone who just turned vegan! These goodies make it easy to pack in protein from a variety of fun sources. 


Blog written by: Keren Dinkin

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