Vegan Gift Hampers Now Delivered Australia Wide

Australian based Plant Based Hamper Co is pleased to announce their new range of Vegan Gift Hampers. Many different options are available, including one customisable hamper, making them ideal gifts for friends and family. Each hamper also comes with a custom branded gift card, for a more personalised message.

One of the hamper options offered is the Treat Yourself Hamper, which includes a full day of pampering in a single box. The contents of the hamper are also gluten-free. The Treat Yourself Hamper contains the Bloom Body Oil and the Relax Essential Roller by Hunter Gatherer Apothecary, a Pink Blossom Bath Salt Test Tube by Yarra Valley Bath & Body and a Detox Tea Test Tube + Tea Infuser by The Tea Equation. The hamper also offers a scented Candle and Mini Car Diffuser by Blake & Arloe in which the customer can choose from 4 different scents, those being Vanilla Caramel, Watermelon Sugar, Coconut & Lime and Flowerbomb.

The customer also has a choice of chocolate from KM Foods, with the options available being Just Creamy, Just White, Simply Caramel and Cherry Delight. Alternatively, customers may elect to purchase the Simply Sweet Hamper, which is gluten-free as well. The Simply Sweet Hamper contains Gummy Bears by Eco Vital, Salted Caramel Protein Ball by Purabon, the Vego Mini Bar Classic and a choice between four types of chocolate from KM Foods. The hamper also offers a choice of flavour for a Mallow Out Bar.

Those looking for a festive hamper full of goodies and healthier treats will find that the Plant Powered Protein Hamper is the best option for them. This hamper is filled with healthy, delicious vegan food, including Texas BBQ Jerky by KM Foods, the Game Changer Protein Bar and Almond Protein Pancake Baking Mix by Macro Mike, Bacon Seasoning Original Flavour by Deliciou, Salted Caramel Protein Ball by Purabon, Jackfruit from Upton Naturals and Nut Mylk Base from Ulu Hye.

However, those who wish to purchase a more personalised hamper will find the Create Your Own Hamper option will meet their preferences much better. They will receive the hamper box, custom branded gift card for a personalised message, wood wool, hamper sleeve and a gold seal sticker. A customer can add all the products for the hamper to their cart and can add as many items as they like. This is an excellent gift option and can be customised to anyone’s liking.

Plant Based Hamper Co is owned by the founder Stephanie Martin, who is proud to say that she has been living and breathing the Vegan lifestyle for more than a decade. She acknowledges that, for quite some time, she had tried to find a business that she wanted to create for herself, and inspiration struck when looking for a birthday hamper for a friend. She realised that her calling was the gift of food and the gift of giving. After this epiphany, the ideas flowed, and nearly all of her previous ideas can be incorporated into a hamper as a gift for that someone special. She believes that giving a gift is not only a gift for the receiver, but also for the person who is giving.

Given that many people are allergic to dairy, eggs and/or gluten — or have friends who are just trying plant-based options to incorporate better lifestyle choices — finding something to suit all of these categories is a difficult task. Plant Based Hamper Co is happy to help. Stephanie reassures her community that, “Not only have I handpicked each available item, I have tried and tested all of the products available in these hampers. Most have come from other small businesses like myself.”

Often, vegan food can be confusing, or not have the most pleasant taste. Fortunately, customers of Plant Based Hamper Co will be delighted to learn that their hamper recipient will be receiving a box full of amazing products. Stephanie’s passion has always been to educate people about how they can live an amazing life, full of all the things they already love, especially without causing harm to animals and the planet.

To help make this dream a reality for more people, the company delivers their products across Australia.

To learn more about Plant Based Hamper Co and their range of gift hampers, customers are invited to visit the company’s official website and social media platforms.


Blog written by: Ask_Nathan

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