Why Going Vegan is Beneficial

More people have decided to go vegan for many different reasons, including various health and environmental benefits. Veganism is a lifestyle that aims to exclude animal cruelty in all forms, whether for clothes, food, or other purposes. This is why a vegan diet is strictly plant-based and devoid of animal products like dairy, meat, and eggs.

Following a vegan lifestyle is simple: consume primarily whole plant foods. However, you can also find special vegan alternatives for eggs, dairy, and other meat by-products. These foods are packed with nutritional value and antioxidants that make a significant difference in how healthy you feel. 

Benefits of Going Vegan: 

Free of animal products, vegan diets are lower in cholesterol and fat naturally. As a result, people who lead a vegan lifestyle are less likely to develop diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and even heart disease! What's more, is that dairy products can be associated with acne breakouts.  

A strictly vegan diet can also reduce the chances of developing certain types of cancers. But, amongst all the other benefits, the most significant one is that a plant-based diet may extend your life. Sticking to non-animal products, in the long run, lowers mortality causes by 25 percent. 

Plant protein benefits kidney function as well, improving existing diabetes symptoms. The advantages of veganism are not limited to physiological diseases. Some studies also suggest that ramping up plant intake reduces the rate of Alzheimer’s progression and dementia.  

The benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle are not limited to your health. If you’re looking to make the switch to a greener life, you’re also making a difference to the environment and society around you. 

In addition to reaping health rewards, a vegan lifestyle reduces your carbon footprint. The meat industry produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions that damage the environment. Farming cattle is also a leading cause of deforestation. 

All these reasons should help inspire you to become a vegan starter. So, if you're beginning your journey, our ‘Vegan Starter Hamper’ contains all the essentials and you can check it out here.


Blog written by: Atif Munawar

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